Wednesday, April 22, 2009

F~R~I~E~N~D~S Swap over at Khris' blog!

Hey all you ladies out there! In case you haven't heard, Khris over at "Sew Prim Khris"is having such a cute swap! Go check it out! To get to her blog, just click on to her button on my sidebar!HAVE FUN!

My F~R~I~E~N~D~S swap partner is Lanette! Yay!

Saturday, April 11, 2009


We have much to be thankful for!

Friday, April 3, 2009


OMG! Just when I thought something was REALLY wrong with my girls, they have restored my faith in them! LOL! Raia, my grand daughter/chicken rancher-partner(LOL!) came running in this morning from the hen house with our 1st egg! We had heard a ruckus so she ran back there to see if it was another mongoose raid causing the girls to squawk so loudly...nope! Just the loud clucking announcing an egg arriving! YAY! Of course, I had to scramble it up for Raia right away & she proudly announced to everyone that crossed her path that her hen "laid a egg" In her excitement, she patiently sat on "egg watch" all day outside the hen house awaiting another arrival...not today! I'm sure she'll be out there again at the crack of dawn tomorrow!
Ahhhh...the joys of childhood!