Monday, October 5, 2009

Falling behind.....lots of catching up!

Whew! Where did the time go???!!! It seems that only yesterday summer began...and's already October, with ONLY 80 days til Christmas!!! I have been so busy babysitting now & then...TRYING desperately to finish painting my room so that I can finally sew my curtains, etc!!! And of course, doing my PIFs & Advent Swap gifts in between! I will try to post pictures of my goodies soon AND I have NOT forgotten about my giveaway that I had planned a while ago...Oh my!
I also have my grandaughters doing "shoe boxes" for the kids in Samoa that were affected by last week's earthquake & tsunami...We were on a "tsunami watch" here in Hawai'i on alert in case we neede to evacuate as well..because our home is located near the shore, we go thru this often..But, PRAISE GOD that the watch was called off when the Pacific Tsunami Center announced that there was no threat to us here!!
My family has now officially joined the ranks of so many others in this state & nation...The economy seems to have warranted our Governor to call for job furloughs AND layoffs!! My husband is a State employee and therefore received notice today that he is required to relocate IF there's even an opening in his department!! That means he'll have to move to another island for work...And we can't possibly afford rent there & our mortgage here! I am leaving it in God's hands..Somehow our state is in deficit of millions, if not billions of $$$! Oh well!
Thank you ladies, once again, for all your inspiration! It is always a pleasure to hear from you as well as visiting your blogs!