Saturday, May 2, 2009

Spring fever happenings

Well, I guess for me, spring has reached it's plateau! I have never been so "creatively energized" in a LONG time! I will post pictures soon of all my "creations" ranging from painting & redecorating my grandaughter's room to sewing baby blankets (galore!), burp cloths & hooded baby towels for my son's 2nd daughter due in a few months!I just don't know what in the world came over me! LOL! I am truly having a lot of fun though! And in the next few weeks I will start on my room, painting & decorating again!
My hens are laying like crazy & I find great pleasure & relaxation in stealing a few moments thru out my hectic days around here, just meandering in my backyard, watching the girls go about their busy-ness. One of them INSISTS on going over to my neighbor's house & hopping into one of their unfinished bedroom windows to dutifully lay her precious egg in there! Another one just HAS TO lay her eggs in my DIL's umbrella that stands on the porch of their house. These girls are just so comical!
I've really missed coming here & checking in on all of your blogs! I will definitely TRY to discipline myself to at least pop in to say hello more often! Oh! I signed up for Khris' F~R~I~E~N~D~S swap & got my partner assigned, so that IS exciting! Hmmm...wonder what I'll do next? I'm really itching to do a giveaway soon, maybe once I'm all done with MY room! LOL!
Until then, ladies.....


Eclectic Pink Rose said...

I wish I could get motivated like you to get some of my projects done. (mainly the sewing ones) I am laughing hysterically at the little egg laying mischevious ones. How funny to find them in the umbrella and neighbors. Have a Happy Day!
♥ Teresa

Winona said...

I love the picture of your chickens and the story about those honory hens and their laying adventures. LOL Sounds like you are having a good spring. Winona

Janice said...

Hens are interesting creatures. My parents raised hens while I was young and I had the job of collecting eggs. I was usually scared of doing it because some of them were mean. It was a good experience and glad I did it.
Can't wait to see what you have been working on.

QuiltedSimple said...

Your hens sound like a trip! Have a great day

Bobbi Jo said...

I just LOVE your blog. You are my kind of gal. I too want to live in a barn someday. I followed you from Janice's blog and so glad I did. I will be back often to check on updates.
Enjoy your sweet little ladies. Chickens are so much fun with their different personalities they crack me up. Hugs, Bobbi Jo

simple country living! said...

Welcome Bobbi Jo! I will be visiting your blog soon!
Yes, these girls sure are interesting characters, alright! The one black hen is STILL laying away on my son's porch (& AND his wife's umbrella!!LOL!)It is a good thing my DIL really doesn't mind!
Have a great day!

Milah said...

I saw where I had a new follower and had to swing by to say hello!

I'm getting my first chicks in June. There has not been chickens on our farm since my husband was a little boy. It should be interesting!

I have a friend who lives in a barn. I think it's featured on the internet, I'll give you the link if I can find it.


simple country living! said...

Thank you Milah! I would like to check out that link to your friend's barn!
And I know you'll really enjoy your new chickies when they arrive! I sure do have lots of enjoyment from mine!!
Thank you for stopping by!