Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Summertime going ons!

Whew! This summer seems to be flyin' on by alright! I wanted to show you some of the projects I've been busy teaching my 12yr.old grandaughter to try! The cupcakes on the stand was done by her & she so wanted to contribute to my FRIENDS swap with Lanette, she also sewed a little tote to put it onto! The fabric flower is from another endeavor of ours'~of course, we forgot to take pictures of all of them together!(Sorry about the blur!) And the teacups are just sittin' here, waiting for the inspiration to come! For now, I'm busy painting & re-doing MY bedroom & I must say I AM LOVIN' the color! LOL! After it's all done I might never come out of there! I really want to move my sewing machine in there for the peace & quiet, but we'll see! LOL!
Have a great week!


Kaaren said...
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Julie said...

hi leona,
how cool that you are teaching your grand daughter to stitch. and very sweet of her to want to contribute to your swap.
take care,
julie x

Micki said...

I am sure that your grandaugher will be a great stitcher.

Khris said...

Well the goodies you sent Lanette are so cute...they look terrific...hugs Khris

Feedsack Fantasy said...

What a pretty parcel you received. I have the 2 teacups on the right & middle. TTFN ~Marydon

Kimonos and Sushi said...

That is a nice way to spend the day teaching someone the craft, your granddaughter is lucky to have a great nana to show her. have a great day..

Carrie of Farming On Faith said...

What fun! I love the cupcakes!

Nishant said...

very sweet of her to want to contribute to your swap.

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