Saturday, May 14, 2011


YAY! After the past several weeks of RAIN, intermittent lightning & thunder showers...which IS unusual for our island at this time of year...WE GOT SUN!!! And blue skies! Summer is right around the corner, which means lots of beach days! Yippeeeee!
Because of all the dreary weather we'd been having, hubby & I at least got to finish renovations of 2 more rooms...complete with freshly painted vintage desks for each room! Not much sewing at all done at this time...BUT...I must get back to sewing MORE baby blankies & what we call HALI'Is (quilts) "hanai" (adopted) daughter is expecting! YAY! And she's coming to visit this summer, so I plan to have them done for her to take home to Maui when she leaves!
Have a ~blessed~ day, everyone!

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Janice said...

HELLO!!! Thank you for your comment. I still the love the gifts you sent me. I have one hanging up on my family picture wall. It is fun to look at. Glad to see you got sun in May. That is always a good thing. See ya around.