Sunday, April 10, 2011

So happy to be back!

After such a long blog break, I am really happy to be back...All of you continue to be such an inspiration with your beautiful blogs & creations! The past several months have been such a strain on my family with the hubby having to live and work on another island to be able to keep his job as a prison guard. He has finally returned home after almost a year away! Praise sweet Jesus! Another highlight of the past few months is that we survived yet another tsunami (tidal wave) scare, this time actually having to evacuate our home near the ocean & head for the mountains! Actually, my sister-in-law has a home way, way up on the mountain slopes, so we spent the night there!
I have just joined Cheryll's "Santa's Sack Swap" and am excitedly preparing my list of possibilities! Go check it out,sounds like loads of F*U*N!!!!! You can find Cheryll at
Yes, I sure am happy to be back! I intend to stick around this time & will try & catch up with all you wonderful ladies!

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peggy said...

It's so good to hear from you, that things are improving and you are safe. I love your music. Many blessings to all.