Thursday, January 15, 2009

Puppy updates!

Well, the puppies turn 7 weeks old tomorrow & 2 have already gone to their new homes! It's looking like the rest are here to stay LOL! Of course, the hubby's not too pleased with that idea! I really believe that daughter dearest is purposely dodging calls from prospective buyers! Especially after one lady called yesterday to inquire & then went on to say that she's trying to sell some "car parts" so she could buy one of our precious babies! GRRRR! ~~I REALLY DON"T THINK SO~~~NOT IN THIS LIFETIME!!!~~~What in the world?*%# Needless to say, my daughter was DUMBFOUNDED & quickly told the lady that she would NEVER consider selling one of her puppies to someone that obviously couldn't afford to properly care for it, let alone BUY IT!!!! GEEZ! The pups that left earlier this week went to great homes that are friends of ours' that we do know will provide the best care for them & we get to visit anytime!
***I'm not sure why, but I can't get those pictures posted! I'll try tomorrow....

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